A little invention that is based on a movie that came out a little while ago : The Invention of Lying


circling around my head

where you were,


crossing over my heart

That glorious invention

That beautiful thing

curling around fingers, under toes,

around the bends,

 the turns,

I'm guessing its reached you by now


Twisted little thing

coiled in a tight  little ball

smoking ends

fearing , I'm cowering beneath a high table...

I'm guessing you know by now


There's this little thing,

this little turning,

Its not much

I swear

it's not much

before you say a word,

I smack a finger to your lips,

let my eyes water,

let you throw it,

shattering ,

I know you feel that

There's this little lie,

little , whiteness

below dark eyes,

the clouds you smiled at,

greyness leaked in .

Whiteness slipped around my heart,

and greyness leaked into you

I'm sorry,

I'm sorry.

There's this little thing,

teeny words,

this little invention...

this little  lie.

The End

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