Invasive Exotic Removal


I. Soda Apple

I’m armed with a shovel
Leather gloves and clippers
Today, I’m harvesting apples
Approaching the spiky exterior
I examine the plant for fruit
Snipping them off before they can ripen
I grasp the plant firmly by the stem and pull
The sound of ripping roots is satisfying
Turning it upside down
I leave the carcass to rot and warn

II. Rosary Pea Bean

Counting this rosary is an endless task
Religiously I pick the bright red seeds from the dirt
Carefully clipping the open pods into plastic bags
A suited receptacle for this menace

III. Thistle

Scanning the pasture I see the tall stalk
First pushing the hollow stem to the ground
Breaking it with my foot
Then I repeatedly kick the base
Spraying soil and roots
The plant is obliterated

The End

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