Let me fathom implication
Rather than maintain temptation.
Let me ponder over wonders,
Never straying over yonder.
Let me be an introvert,
And to my core I will revert.
Let me guage the 'you' and 'me',
I'm focused on identity.

My heart of hearts is all that matters
Preconceptions left in tatters
Chary does as bold ignores
Chastises chastity and more.

Let me decipher, let me crack
This code breaking my mind and back
Let me encounter my true self,
No longer shrouded by its stealth.
Let me break the mold that grows
Around my eyes, cementing woes.
Let me take to chiselling
And ripping; shifting; twisting; fixing.

Or not, as still the case may be - I'm open,
To whatever comes, and hoping
Only for revelation,
So that I won't die in stagnation.

The End

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