Underneath the black only lies more,


You cannot hide within yourself forever,

no road rides out of your mind.

A venus fly trap and you're the fly.

Try not to let this world pass you by.

A million situations and you've thought them all through,

and in every single one you know you will lose.



So focus on the outside,

grab everything you can touch.

The mind will forget what the mind forgot.

Feel the sky, the moon, the stars.

Constant motion to find your pleasures,

can't help feeling coerced by forces inside.

Does drinking make your life alright?

Happiness costs more than we've ever thought.

Something is not right in this replica ant hill,

oversized and idiotic.




tumble back down again.

Deep, deep within.

Focus on the sun, the trees, the sounds,

figure out what they all mean.

The loop rat wheel rolls.

Need an escape at every turn,

believe in a better life far away.

Fight your scar-knuckled battles from the inside out.

Not enough to be trapped in this perpetual fight,

yearn for more than the inside push.



Find God among the people in the streets,

see things in their eyes you never thought you'd see.

Know that you haven't figured out everything.

But they are here for just as much of a reason as you.

So try to speak nothing but the truth.

Opinions are made to be heard.

The world revolves just as much around arguments,

as it does agreement.

Your philosophies hold no end.

The day feels a bit better outside in the early summer rain..

Rather than locking it all away.

The End

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