intro me!Mature

Not much of a songwriter apparently as i have been playing guitar and singing for 15 years and have accrued the grand total of 5 songs!  So here i am, and i am convincing myself that the best way to beat writers block is to write in another format. So hello, here i am! Was thinking of going all autobiographical but i really don't think my life is that interesting! I could bitch about my ex but she is a nice lady and a great mum so wouldn't be convincing there! I could bitch about my present wife but she puts up with ME so deserves credit rather than criticism!. I could wax loving about my wobderful kids but hey, if you know them then you lnow and if you don't ya dont wanna listen!

I have therefore decided that i will use this fantastic facility for poetry and random ramblings, that way , if no one reads it i can pretend it was a blog really!

So here goes, make me a life people! i look forward to your insights and skills!

The End

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