The Best Feeling

Describing something you love is like characterizing the taste of water.  You know what the answer is, but only you can know.  Love is weird, love is abstract, love is undefined.

I can tell you though, what I love more than anything else in the world:  the touch of paper.  It's such a delicate thing but hold so much capability.  It can become an important document, a handcrafted story, or maybe an air plane.  

I'm sure we all know the amazing high we get after we finish writing a chapter, and I do mean on paper!  More than that though, is what that chapter feels like.  Do me a favor and flip your paper over and touch your story, feel all of the strokes left by your graphite, and cherish the gift your mind and hands possess.  Doesn't that feel beautiful and relaxing?

The best feeling in the world is the sweet touch of your accomplishments.

The End

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