Into the Night, Fireflies Do Come

A Poem About A Nighttime Stroll

Into the night, I made my way, 

seeking to be lost  from the light of day,

into this realm of shadows and gray,

where ghosts and fears, they come to play.


Into the night, I kept venturing in,

my soul aching and crying with mortal sin,

my guilt soaked through with Bombay gin,

haunted by demons, lurking within.


Into the night, I pressed on and on,

desperately searching for some distant dawn,

sensing that hope was fading to gone,

ready to surrender, my soul to pawn.


Into the night, I plodded along ,

lost in the frets of what had gone wrong,

hearing the owls sing dirges of song,

I wondered, I wondered, do I still belong?


Into the night, I came to the place,

where I came upon fireflies, dancing in space,

like stars from the heavens, they did kiss my face,

and I found once more the meaning of grace,

yes, I found once more the meaning of grace.






The End

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