Into The Light

I don’t know anymore

Are you the devil?

Could you be my angel?

Forever I was trapped in this waste

This has been dull

Then when you come around the entire world just fades away

I need this love

Drag me out of the dark

I’ve been imprisoned for far too long

I’m ready to go, so take my hand and lead me into the light

A single touch is hypnotizing

They say I should leave and be afraid

You’re not like the others

For once I am offered to be brought in to the light

Take me from here

Save me from the dark

Before I become less than ash

Lead me in to this escape from this abyss

Just go ahead and kiss me

I’ve been waiting for eternity

So embrace me for we can escape into the light

Save me from this slavery

I don’t want to be here

Every night I am brought back into the black

So I’ll take you hand as you take me into the light

Hatred is vibrated off me into the galaxy

I am about to be broken, my core is coming undone

To escape the danger here and leave it all behind

I’ll gladly let you bring me into the light

You have my heart beating

I’m not taking any more risks

I’m in comatose from crying and waiting

So I’ll be with you as you carry me into the light

The End

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