Into The Belly Of The Beast

At first I had no idea what the beast was, I just decided on a title and just went with it. In the end I supose I went with the world we live in being the beast, lawless and unloving. Everyday a battle, planning every move just to keep our heads above water. We go out and everyday theres a problem we face sometimes small sometimes huge. It would seem that the problems are just getting bigger and bigger. Unfortunatly we cant just stay in and hide so we have to seize the day and run forth.


Run forth into the belly of the beast,

Don’t look back, be brave my friend,

For now is the time.

We must seize the moment, seize this day.            


Tomorrow may be bleak,

You may not even survive,

But the task has been set,

And the war must be won.


You spent your days slowly greying in the sun,

But now those days are gone,

They went with the wind that blew through your window,

On that cold day that changed everything.


Now everyday is a battle,

Every move strategically planned,

And exercised with complete precision.

Survival is paramount in this world without law.


Now is the time of life or death,

Run forth, take courage, hold fast.

For the task has been set,

And every man must pay his debt.

The End

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