Into the Arms of a Very Lucky Angel

Sometimes I wonder, and yes I find,
that you are the only one that can read my mind.

I cut my heart in two and gave you a half,
Because you are the only one that can make me laugh.

Is it possible for me to love you more than before?
Because my heart skips a beat when you knock on the door.

You said you would love me always and forever,
And to make sure we were always together.

Now I sit on your chair and look at your frame,
the one that is causing me unbearable pain.

I remember the night you sang me your song.
In my broken heart it will always belong.

Three stiff knocks on the door and a ring of the doorbell,
Had me knocked to the ground, witnessing my own hell.

They said you were laid out on the hospital bed.
The one where I watched you, broken and dead.

Now I may cry myself to sleep tonight,
Paralyzed by the horrific fight.

You wrote me a soothing letter:
"Move on, things will get better."

But I think you forgot,
You took half of my heart.

I'm just glad you are not here,
To watch my world fall apart.

So be comforted and loved,
As you fly like a dove,

Into the arms of a very lucky angel.

The End

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