So distraught and unnerved he did leave his high throne,

for the tallest white peak he did search. And he came

to a wood which was pitch, thick with pines and sharp pricks.

But this wood, it did climb up the mount which resides

as the apex of earth. He ascended with speed

as if racing with time. As he rose, trees did fade

from the face of the rock and beneath the King’s feet

was the ground cold as ice. And at last he did reach

to the peak of all lands. Meditate did the King

and he thought of the war and the blood on the blades

of his men. His regimes had brought horror and doom.

And the screams of the dead could be heard in his chest

and the King he knew now of his fate. So depart

did the King and descend down the path he took up.

Now the forest was gone, disappeared from the stone

wall of mountain and ice. Though the sky it was clear,

not one cloud to be seen, still the snow it did fall

from perhaps not this realm and he wandered and walked

'til the mountaintop sank far beneath the vast brim

of the earth. All around, the King’s eyes, they beheld

the light wisping of flakes as if wind blew the sand

of a desert of white. And the sky had no moon,

still the snow it did shine and would shimmer, alit

by the twinkle of stars. Then above the King’s head

did the sky rip apart. At the split of the sky,

stars did rain from both sides. In between the great tear

was a blaze of gold flame, in the center of fire

was one single white eye with a pupil as black

as abyss. A cascade of gold embers did dance

with the snow, and the stars they continued to pour.

The King opened his arms and he faced the Divine.

From the void of the eye formed a hand of white mist.

So it reached from the flare of the Heavens above

to the King and it dove in his chest. And in that

one sole instant, the King he did feel one with all.

He was flowers and wind and his victims of strife;

all the joy and the pain of the earth he endured.

Then the fingers of mist left his chest, in its grasp

apparition of black. It retreated back up

to the great eye above then the sky it did shut,

stars forever reset. The coal centers of cold

eyes did glisten bereft of all life. Then the King

did dissolve down to blue specks of light and was lost

in the snow and the glint of the stars.

The End

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