And the fire in their eyes was like Death was alive

in control of the son and his band of strong men.

They did pillage and cast such a shadow of death

and despair on the town. Then the Capital fell

to the man whom they most put their heart and their trust.

I am King he declared and his men they did forge

him a helm and a suit of jet arms which were laced

with fine golden designs. On his crown they did lay

a red dragon engraved with all rubies as scales.

It had diamonds for eyes and its breath a gold flame.

So the conquest began and his armies were sent

to the corners of earth to destroy, and to claim

what belonged to their King. I must take what is mine

and the world is just that. All will fall at my feet

and their gems in my hands. His men followed words well.

Soon all under the sky and in reach of the sea

did belong to the King. There were bracelets and rings

in a pile near his throne; silver, gold, all that shone,

was his own, his alone. Thanks to archers and bows,

many swords with a gleam and a longing for blood;

thanks to shields of the strong and to feet of the swift

and the horse with the weight of the man and his war

did the King take the earth. As his darkness did reign

there were laments of pain from the kingdom he ruled.

And one day, man of wise who himself taught the king

back in times of the past; he approached and did say

You have power my King beyond all that I’ve seen.

The entire sphere of life is bestowed on your lap.

The one aspect amiss is exactly what’s that?

Is the world just as large as you thought in young dreams?

Watch the sky. See the stars. To them we are quite small.

You control all this land, it means naught to the stars!

At what cost do you place a man’s life? Can those gems

buy it back?

The End

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