A tale of a boy and a ring.

Long before now, within a forgotten era

of humanity lived son and father that searched

all throughout the town square for bread, olives, and cheese.

The son lagged and preferred to roam aimlessly, rapt

in complete awe, amazed at unique, strange antiques.

What did catch his eye first was a glistening sheen.

A lone diamond upon  a plain band of white-gold.

He approached the old man and inquired of the jewel

then the shopkeeper said It’s one hundred gold coins.

He returned to the square and he sought for his dad

and he asked if he’d have that one ring in the shop.

Such desire plagues the soul, tis but metal and fire,

one cannot live a life on just rock from the mines.

Somewhere deep in the mind and recesses of thought

of his son was alit with the burn of desire.

It remained long within his young heart, all along

while he trained both in school and in arms. Quick the moon

would encircle the earth and the seasons would pass.

Time would race by the lad while he fought with his last

bit of might to attain the high stature of knight,

as he scratched pen in pad never falling from class.

Now at last was his day, when he passed all that lay

in has path to impede of his way to a place

on the fields, clothed in gear and the armor of past

men and kings. Now at last he would be named a knight.

And in battle he slayed all fell beasts, all opposed

to his King and his State. Soon the knight was a lead

of a thousand good men. But the greed and the lust

of the ring it did grow and devoured his soul.

So he roused his armed crowd to invade his own town

and become the new lead of the State. 

The End

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