Interrupted Girl.Mature

There are things I think

that I could never say,

Playing on my filthy mind

every bloody day.


I'm narcissistic 

and I'm angry at my friends,

Yet I kinda like this feeling; 

I pray it'll never end.


My hair needs washing

and my nails are chipped,

I'm socially awkward

and a bit of a bitch.


I'm obsessed with actors

and I look at girl's bums,

I'd never own a pistol,

It'd be way too much fun!


I like the smell of petrol

and wearing stupid clothes,

I fucking hate religion

and sand between my toes.


I want someone to label me, 

depression, OCD,

schizo, psycho, mental basket,

borderline PD.


At least then I may be noticed,

and less of a defeated queer,

until that time though, 

I'll take my pills and swig a gulp of beer.

The End

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