Internal Dissension

It's something, isn't it
To not recognize whether these words
are fake or genuine
It seems that we've drifted so far apart
that it's hard to imagine that we were ever connected
All these bodies of water between our masses of land
Our worlds look like completely different places
And I can't tell you when the seperation occurred
Nor can I tell you why we don't speak anymore
But it seems that we'll never reconnect
and I have to wonder
If we'd ever connected to begin with
Was it a one-sided ruse
An experiment for you
Because for me it was real
And I ponder it everyday
to the point where I ache
Realizations of how I acted
and so much of what I could have done
And no matter how much I try to live in this moment
To discard all of the internal calamity to continue with life
Your image lingers
I thought it faded
But it was just repressed
Because that's the best I can do
I wonder how much you think of me
I wonder what's your real opinion of me
And it's funny
because that's not a question I would
burden anyone else with answering
I guess that's the effect you had
One I can't seem to get rid of

The End

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