Internal Conflict

A poem that I think almost everyone can relate to in one way or another, and that us very much based on my life.

Cover up the pain,
Hold back the tears,
Mask your face,
Hide your fears.

No on wants to see
What you're hiding inside,
No one wants to hear
What you have to confide.

You're dying for release.
You turn to the blade.
You keep cutting deeper,
Until your worries fade.

Pull down your sleeves,
Hide the scares,
Force a smile,
Now that's a start.

Eat just a little,
But not too much.
You ate too much,
Now throw it up.

Look down at your stomach.
Now suck it in,
To look like the models,
You have to be thin.

Harboring so much hurt,
You need to cope.
No one to talk to,
You turn to dope.

You need to get high
To get through the day.
You need to get high
To mask the pain.

Your memories haunt you,
But no one cares.
You look for help,
But no one's there.

You need something more.
You turn to the bottle,
And continue to down them
Like there's no tomorrow.

You're drifting through life
In a drunken haze
With people pointing out
The error of your ways.

These people are mindless,
They have no clue,
Just what their judgement
Has done to you.

You used to be strong
To stand on your own,
But life has broken you
And left you alone.

You have to pretend.
Keep forcing that smile.
Your insides are dust,
You're dying all the while.

Your heart is twisting,
Contorting in pain.
After what you've been through,
You'll never be the same.

Your life was once simple,
A small summer breeze,
A still, silent pond
You waded through with ease.

But now your torment is real,
Your past a taunting ghost,
And the waves of your life crash
As you stand amid the coast.

The End

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