Internal Aggravation

Another one I wrote when feeling inspired and because I needed poetry for my freshman English class.

Anger pulses through my veins,

Hurtful words scattered through my brain

Can’t you just understand?


Don’t deny the facts,

I’m done with your hypocritical acts

Can’t you just believe?


Your words are weak,

 And it’s only attention you seek

Can’t you just listen?


You never asked,

So I’m gazing into the past

Can’t you see the proof?


You just turn away,

From all the truths I say

Can’t you just admit it?


You say you’re fond of one thing,

But that changes as swiftly as a mood ring

Can’t you just make up your mind?


Those guys were oh so kind,

But all your “feelings” died

Can’t you see them hurt?


Your bleating voice carries,

And you cease very rarely

Can’t you see my agitation?


The spiteful words you’ve said behind my back

I wish there was something to fill the cracks.

Can’t you say it to my face?


I now apologized,

I’m just relieved I had tried,

Can’t you see what I’m saying?


I just hope you see what I’m saying.

I just hope you see my agitation.

I just hope you see them hurt.

I just hope you make up your mind.

I just hope you admit it.

I just hope you see the proof.

I just hope you listen.

I just hope you believe.

I just hope you understand, because

I don’t want you to leave.

The End

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