Intense wavers

This is a short poem, that flowed from my fingers, stretching to grasp what goes on in my head.

My wall is yours to face, alone.

My intensity goes beyond comfort

Consuming your courage,

Inspiring whispers of the muse in me

And visual facets of a fresh piece of art,

For you...Not me.

You'll turn away, and flee from my smile.

And I'll have left you with two items.

The truth...and my heart.

Both of which become buried before the season changes.

No blame can be laid to you

For choosing the path most trodden.

Reminds me of a fact..

That I need to take this proverbial machete'

And carve my own path, never once traversed.

So stay in your safety net, realize that all that you felt..

Was real, though I could never turn down the intensity.

Don't you question what I've got to give..

Just know that I will always have thoughts of you..

The End

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