Intended Clues

my take on life

We as people,
Are so mighty, so strong,
There is no equal,
We shall do no wrong,

Together we can make,
What all else should fear,
A world without a mistake,
With its intensions clear,

Let's come together as one,
Be stronger than the rest,
Begin to show everyone,
We always were the best,

We are not a nations,
Nor are we strong apart,
Just mere creations,
Created by someone smart,

Let's not lose,
What we were lucky to recieve.
We have the ability to choose,
All you have to do is believe,

It's my turn to believe,
Our purpose was already made,
As a team we can achieve!
Let's form as one and create a barricade!

My words may not,
Mean a thing to you,
But i think ive got,
My intended clue.

The End

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