The nature of what we are adheres to the construct of our own obligations.

Our integrity is constantly being made by all we do and have yet to achieve. This is integral to adapting in the face of uncertain trials and blissful redemption.

Every pillar of trust,
and fortified construct,
was not build overnight,
or within a fleeting dawn,
of a day wracked in repulsiveness,
attuned by pleasant solidarity,
lies therein a fragment of my integrity.
No one learns immediately astute,
as he who seeks to understand,
and consequentially misunderstood,
intent weighed by uneven scales,
choice and instinct wrestle,
against unconscious desire,
perhaps divided whim,
therein rests integrity.
Each decision revealed,
amongst sublime static,
the consequence of action,
reversed by thoughtless inaction,
when our ideals become frantic,
therein forged by my integrity.

The End

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