Insomnia Leads to InsanityMature

The starting again is nothing but a rou, a misguided map to help you.

The harshness of Winter does not stray, no matter how much you pay, it stays.

Weighs nothing, braves the waves, a thief of warmth, one of the hidden sort, carried by the wind, it cannot be binned.

No moat or amazing over-coat  can neautralize and paralyze the lies of the bitter, they are no sitter, they stand but remain unspoken, not but broken, almost as a token of the outspoken.

Remaining, not laying, not lying, never dieing. Ever fortifying, prying on the whims of the wizards.

Blizzard! A storm, that has collapsed the dorm, time to sound the emergency horns.

Funny, bunny, money, honey can you not see, we were not meant to be. I cannot see how this eluded me. I am not blind nor deluded. Stupid or bamboozelled.

I am no fool, hardly a mystic ghoul, but do not worry, I am cool. Not like ice, more like super nice.

No I am not one of the three blind mice. ..

My best price? Does it look like I am in a shop, or an amusement normally featured on the docks. Do I sell clocks?

No but if you are unlucky and potentially ill, you might realise I sneezed on your bill, with my chicken pox stew.

Can you have the recipe to my brew? Ahchew! phew...

Wow what a view. It looks like fresh morning dew.


Not like a kangaroo... Smelt slightly like a shoe, sounded surprisingly like Horton after he heard that Who.

My eyes told me it looked like a cat, tasted more like my neighbour Pat.

Drat. I have lost my baseball bat.

Excellent, I just bought a new hat, made of electrofied and miniturised rat fat.

Wait, who ate my freshly baked cake.

If I do not get it back, I am going commando, full on gonna kick your ass...

oh. What a waste. Hadn't even managed a taste. Now its no more than paste. It could represent a present from Winter. Or the last of the Summer wines that we used to when we dined on the misinformed birthday of that one named JC....

No not JZ, oh god come on its easy. Just like lemon squeezy.

Your a dope, I am releasing your rope, your like that vegetable called artichoke, a complete joke...

Knock Knock...

Whos there...?

A fucking angry bear. Thats come to eat your porridge . Sit in your chair and get comfy whilst your not there.

Goodnight Bear.......

The End

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