How loud the clock ticks

.......and tocks

Now my feet are cold

Perhaps I'll pop on some socks?


How bright is that shiny new moon?

I'll have to get up and close that crack in the curtain soon

Now, my eyes are shut..real tight

Yet ..amazing!

I still have the power of sight!

Today's journey,yesterday's memories,tomorrow's dreams

All in technicolour can clearly be seen

Try to think of something boring

Try counting sheep?

No good!

I've named them all,one by one,

As over the fence they leap!

Calm down

Do that thing your mother taught

From your toes to your scalp

relax!..don't get fraught..

Now the lamp's going on

And a chapter I'm reading

I've worked up a thirst

Now it's water I'm needing

Only four hours left

Till the alarm finds it funny

To shriek!! my incompetence

As dark turns to sunny..

The End

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