I feel you crawl underneath my skin, you’re insidious

I never anticipated you, or you to be so monstrous

This fear you force upon me is ridiculous

You have deprived me of everything, I am powerless

I am driven into this sweet sadness

I feel your wrath from the way you call my name, raspy with madness

I struggle with not giving into the pain of this sorcerous

Within each passing minute, you grow more and more ravenous

This disease you spread, it’s easily contagious

Its eats the flesh in a manner that is in style of insectivorous

The force of depression you cast upon me is relentless

You have me lying here breathless

This hope you lured me in has brought nothing on me but deceptiveness

Trying to pry me open, I’ve never felt anything like this

With these thoughts of blood I grow curious

The corpses will remain in the street and motionless

Numbing me from inside out has a feeling of uselessness

You plan for us to bow down with willingness

I’m becoming this, and I hate this brittleness

The End

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