From: Body To: my future lover.Mature

View this body as a series of



A story waiting for it's ghostwriter.  Study her closely.

Analyze each freckle with a purpose.

Laugh at the haters

that told you

to avoid her

at all costs.


the most


wreck that the world has ever seen-

and you have been gifted with her body in your hands.

... I'm not stupid. I see the awe

as she slides her shirt over her head and

loops her underwear on her middle finger, so casually you'd think it was practiced... and it is. She loves you... I know love when I see it.

Touch every scar. Memorize it's geography.

Trace her teeth with a virtual stylus. Be appreciative of their perfection and

imperfection, the squareness and whiteness.

Smile at her. She loves

the twinkling reflection in her cornea, the gleam of light purple that crosses your iris

when you smile.

Continue to laugh at the haters.

The End

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