Pearly WhiteMature



Nothing is ever pure.

I was

always the cute little virgin in any group of cisgirls

till 16

then BAM the first touch of slutshame

the first taste of catcalls, blown kisses, underage invitations to bars

the first feeling of lasers down my backbone

so I rumbled like volcanoes and spewed red lipstick

animal print and black nail polish

so I stole cigarettes out of the mouth of

my boyfriend at the time

so I swore back at the hisses coming from older girls,

hisses that said things like "stop"

and things like "don't",

without claiming sluthood as a friend of my own

middle fingers high in the air all smiles

eyes vacant

mouth wide open ready and waiting for tongue

and then I retreated into baggy sweaters and   combat boots

soon after. I shrank

like a fucking violet and pretended I wasn't anything, anything at all

(I would not recommend this course of action to other highschool girls.)

The End

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