Inside This Weary Mind

I'm met with this over-compulsive need to do something once again.
But I find myself staring around and thinking
of what should be done and which order should it be done in.
I find that I am still the same as I was before,
but somehow more and less at the same time.
I once believed that my anger would be key
to getting me through this emptiness,
but I crave companionship.
Even though my stomach churns as I write that line
and I firmly hold a high disbelief for it,
I can't help but wonder if it holds any truth.
I'm under the same barriers as I've been for the past 18 years.
I'm at a point where every decision is mine
but they don't feel like my own.
It looms constantly, this unknown feeling.
And through my drowsiness,
under these weary eyes
is an energy fighting for it's freedom.

I just haven't figured out how to help it.

The End

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