Inside these Walls

Inside these walls is a scary place,

But don't let these halls be your fall from grace.

Inside these walls we talk and laugh,

These walls of cold brick that hold all the secrets we have.

Where years ago we played and shrieked

When boys would try to kiss our cheeks.

Enter here, let these walls swallow you whole,

Inside this place that eats your soul.

Here is where the teasing starts,

And ends in many broken hearts.

These walls of insecurities, trust, love, and tears,

Of unjust, name-calling, insincerity, and fear.

Inside these walls we've all been scarred

And here we've all fallen pretty hard.

Because of ignorant people who think it's a game,

To judge someone before they even know their name.

But these are just brick walls built up from pain and fear,

Break through these walls and leave all our painful memories here.

Inside these walls we are all insecure.

Inside these walls we can be sure,

That when we're free from these intimidating walls,

The people that hurt us won't have anyone to catch them when they fall.

The End

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