Inside The Mind of a Celebrity

This is a poem straight from my heart of I believe how Hollywood stars really feel.

Where does the freedom go? When did I become everybody else's private property? When will I get a break? There's nowhere to turn to. I walk with my hair bouncing up and down. I cannot tell the truth, because my truth would turn into a lie. A gossip! Something that I detest. I can't have a conversation with my friend without being painted as we are dating. It's a heartbreak when I'm lonely. I only have God to comfort me during my days of fame. Nobody cared about me but him. Oh I'm blessed and I'm working, but where does it say that I have to be perfect all the time. To keep my weight down, and to look and stay young-looking all the time. Dating and/or being married to another with whom I don't really love instead of dating or being married to the one I really love, but have to break their poor little hearts. Because it's being forced on me. Is there any smart person on this planet know that I'm human, and that I got needs too? Because at this point, I think everybody else is not so bright. 

The End

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