Inside of the Mind of Celebrity Pt. 2

I wrote this out of frustration as to some Christians would pray and support families, churches, poor and needy, our nation, and our troops(nothing wrong with that, because I pray and support them too), but won't pray for stars like Justin Beiber or Megan Fox. Sometimes I cry about this and for them.

Rain drops never stopped dropping. Mudslides never stopped sliding. We are the forgottens of the world. Nobody cared anything about us. We are the falling, and no one would even look at us. They think we have it made, but we don't. They see us on TV, but does not bother to call a family emergency to pray for us.
We are crying, but no one hears us. They can pray and showed support for our nation, the U.S. troops, their families, and their churches. They can give plenty of food, clothing, and shelter to the poor as they are suppose to do. That's great! But what about us? Aren't we're poor spiritually? Don't we need prayer just as badly as they do? And yet, they would not listen.
They would rather treat us like dirt. They would rather talk about us like a dog. They would rather said that we don't need God or that God is not going to save us. That we are useless, and that we are all going to hell.
Didn't James chapter 2 warned us about showing favoritism? God loves us all. We need help and love in Tinsletown. They wouldn't even acknowlege that we, too, give to the poor and support our troops as well. They wouldn't even acknowlege that we put our lives on the line everyday for them, to walk and shop in public without the papparrazi or the tabloids chasing us down to get their money-making shots of us; or without the death threats from people who either hate us or obsessed with us.
No, our lives are NOT important to them, and would never be important to them. They wouldn't even cared if we were to lose our lives. They wouldn't even say "thank you" to us. It's a sad day for us, and yet no one cares.
Please, don't ask me for an autograph, please stop judging me or read the tabloid magazines that are on the rack making money every second, but please just be my friend, and pray for me.


The End

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