Inside Myself

Amended version of a poem I wrote and entered in a talent contest back last easter. I won a CD and a book from this, I was proud :D

I lie on the ground, watching and waiting
This feeling of fear, is what I'm hating
I want my fate, to happen now
I just want it fast, I don't care how
This summertime, passes me by
And in the sky, I see birds fly
The long green grass, a pretty tree
But it's not real, inside of me
I can run here, I can hide
In myself, I can confide
I love to be, all alone
I can stay here, here I moan
I love the elation of nothingness
But I am not, no not fearless
Why me, I ask, why is it me?
Why can't I feel, why can't I see
Now I'll ignore the world of hate
Inside myself, this is my fate

The End

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