The world is calm,
Green grass stretches on
To meet the blue sky.
A soft breeze
Makes lazy flowers sway.
Birds sing in the tall trees,
Bees hum in the amber fields.
Ever so slightly,
The breeze kicks up,
Gaining strength
Until it is a mighty wind.
Black clouds gather on the horizon
Marring the peaceful blue,
Dark and ominous,
Thunder echoes from the mountains,
Heralding the gale to come.
The clouds tower overhead,
Blotting out the sun,
Darkening the sky.
Not a sound is heard.
The birds are in their nests,
The bees safe in their hives.
Not even the leaves and grass
So much as whisper
In the rising wind.
Lightning crashes across the sky,
Followed intantly by thunder
Large, wet drops begin to fall,
Slowly at first,
Then picking up speed,
Until it seems as if indeed,
The sky were falling.
Far above the clouds,
Stars wheel round and round
And uncaring.
Weeks go by,
And stil the storm carries on,
Wreaking havoc
And extinguishing hope.
Then finally,
The clouds break.
The sky clears,
To a peaceful night.
The stars continue on,
But ever watchful.

The End

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