Under The Moon

Tall and stern,
Mighty and kingly he appears.
He stands on the edge,
Poised upon the brink,
The end of the light,
The begining of endless shadow.
Defiant he stands,
Unyielding to the black terror,
The unnamed fear.
The doom that chills the bone,
Freezes the mind.
Undaunted is he,
Strong and proud,
The black malice has no hold on him
Without a word,
Nary a glance back,
He sets out.
To walk the paths untrodden,
Maybe to find his doom,
Maybe to conquer his fate.
What he searches for,
Not even the wise can tell,
But search he does,
Through death and fire,
For what he lost.
Long ago it was,
When the moon was yet young.
Upon a green hill under stars,
He found his treasure.
Happy he was, for a time.
Until one day,
A shadow crept into his house,
His heart,
He ran back,
But alas! too late.
His prize was gone,
Taken by the shadow.
Now endlesly he seeks it,
Always searching,
Never finding.
Small hope he has,
Yet on he goes,
Farther and farther from the edge
Deeper into the night,
Back under the stars,
Back to the grassy hill,
Where he first layed eyes
Upon the fairest of the fair,
And where the shadow crept,
And stole his most precious gem.

The End

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