The Heroes

The world shrinks,
Pressing tighter and tighter,
My breath catches,
My vision blurs.
Is this the end?
But no,
I'm not ready to go,
Not yet.
I have more to do,
More to say,
People to meet,
Friends to greet.
I can't go yet
Life is sad,
Green fades to brown,
And people are bad,
But there is so much beauty,
So much to live for.
The bird flys overhead,
Singing his song for the world.
The leaves on the trees whisper,
Telling stories of heros,
Although gone,
Never forgotten.
When life is a drag,
(As it often is)
I just remember the heros,
Not the ones in stories,
But the ones I know.
And through their strength,
I gain strength,
Courage to press on,
Keep going,
When all rational hope is gone.
When you are alone,
You are not really alone;
The spirits of these heros,
These noble souls,
Will lift you,
Buoy you up.
Never give up,
You are loved,
You are never alone.

The End

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