That Feeling

I sit here,
Staring at the paper.
No words come
To get my feelings out.
They can only roll around,
Swirl through my mind.
I want to tell her
That I love her,
Yet no words seem to come.
I want to tell her
How she makes me feel,
Every time I see her,
But no words can describe
That feeling.
It's like flying,
But without leaving the ground.
Your heart seems to take over,
Your mind gives up,
Where you are going,
Logic doesn't apply.
You want to run,
And sing,
And dance,
And just not care who is watching,
Because you only have time
For her opinion,
Next to her,
The simple truth is:
Nothing out there,
Nobody else in the world,
Can make you feel the way
That she makes you feel.

The End

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