My breath catches,
my heart skips a beat,
there she is.
Sitting there,
as pretty as you please.
It would be simple, really
To walk up and say hello.
I stand awkwardly to the side
Torn between hope and fear
Between joy and despair.
My heart drives me foreword,
My mind holds me back.
So much to be gained,
So much to be lost.
I stand as if frozen.
Every fiber of my being strains,
Against invisible chords,
Longing just to talk to her.
I want so much to move,
But my reluctant footsteps
Slowly plod away.
Again I am defeated,
Again I have failed.
I will see her again,
But to what end?
To feel time stop,
To feel my heart rent in two,
To reluctantly stagger off,
Vainly hoping for another chance.
Why I do it is hard to say,
I feel drawn to her,
Just to be near her is bliss.
She is very pretty,
But that is not it,
What I see is true beauty.
Kind, gentle,
Quick to laugh,
Quick to befriend,
And everywhere she goes,
Happiness lingers in the air.
Always she is laughing,
A happy trill,
To stir even the coldest heart.
Even in the darkest winter,
She carries warmth and light
Sharing with all those around her,
Those fortunate enough
To be counted as her friends.

The End

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