I Don't Know Why

I don't know why,
But I think I love you.
I don't know how,
But I need to win your heart.
All my life,
I have run,
I have hid.
Behind an ugly ego,
Beneath a thick skin.
What feelings I had
Were never allowed to surface.
Even now,
I act as if I do not feel,
Like I am unaffected.
But my heart sighs,
Whenever you are near.
I guard myself closely,
Or so I thought.
You made it past all that.
And the crazy thing is:
It feels right.
My mind is screaming
Danger, red alert,
But my heart is content,
My heart is happy.
I long to heed my heart,
To become a kinder,
Gentler man.
By my mind warns against it,
Predicting heartbreak and sorrow.
I am torn,
I know not which to follow,
But to go on like this,
Half in and half out,
Is even worse.
I have denied myself so long,
Will I be hurt?
I suppose that's a risk I must take.
Will it be worth it?
I cannot yet tell.
I suppose I'll try,
And find out for myself
What lies in store.
I will follow my heart. 

The End

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