I Will Stand

Why should I hide,
What is it that I run from,
Is it from others,
Their pointing fingers,
Sneering faces?
Is it from myself,
Harsh criticism,
Intense disappointment?
Or is it something else,
Something different?
I have no reason to run,
No reason to hide.
Everything I am
Lays on the table.
I have no secrets,
No past,
Or future.
I am strong,
I am weak,
It doesn't matter,
Whatever is chasing me,
Seeking me,
I will not run,
I will not hide.
I am me,
I have made my position clear,
And I will stand.
Stand here untill all else is gone,
Till the earth itself fades,
I will stand by me,
My thoughts,
And feelings.
They are all I have,
They make me who I am,
And I will not desert them.
I have nothing
If I don't have me.

The End

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