An Endless Desert

An endless desert,
Stretches far as the eye can see.
Through this desert I walk,
The ground is parched,
Baked by the hot sun.
The plants are heavily armed,
Diligently guarding precious water.
Through this desert I walk.
The animals are few,
Far between.
Most are hostile.
I follow the course of the sun,
Always westward,
Never halting,
Through the desert I walk.
I am alone,
Excepting my shadow,
During the day
And the stars at night.
The wind is my constant companion,
Speaking to me,
Words I cannot understand.
Sun and moon are my friends,
Reminding me of the passing time,
Something that was before
So very critical,
But is now meaningless,
And empty.
Still the desert goes on,
On until it passes from knowledge.
As I walk through the desert.

The End

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