Bumps In The Road

The girl,
So shy and sweet.
The guy,
Just trying to look cool.
She's crying at home,
He's trying to distract himself,
Neither of them knows,
What exactly happened or why,
She wants more
Affection, attention.
He wants less
Commitment, effort.
Each one wants the other,
Each one was happy,
For a while.
She felt ignored,
He felt smothered.
Angry words,
Biting texts,
Even spiteful facebook chat.
Led to their drifting apart.
Neither wanted out,
But both wanted something else.
Not the end,
Something different.
She was jealous of friends
Who basked in the attention
Of doting boyfriends.
He longed to be close,
But still casual.
Now she is talking to friends,
Anything to console her.
He is pacing his room
Willing the knot in his gut to leave.
Both hover near phones,
Half trying to make a call,
Half hoping the other will call first.
He picks up the phone,
But does not dial,
She dials, but does not call,
The numbers staring at her,
The dial tone ringing in his ears.
He puts the phone down,
Back to pacing.
She closes her phone,
And goes back to her friends.
He sits down,
Staring at the phone,
Her friends have left,
She feels alone.
He puts pen to paper,
Writes a stumbling apology,
Crumples it up,
Throws it away.
She writes a stumbling text,
But it remains unsent.
He realizes he was selfish,
She sees she was oppressive.
She opens her phone,
This time with purpose,
But he us already calling.
The make their awkward apologies,
Simply happy,
To hear the other's voice.
They meet the next day,
Both bright and beaming,
Glad just to be with the other.

The End

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