Good, Tired, and SHINY

I see her in the hall,
And my heart skips a beat.
Comes near,
And my legs turn to jello.
She smiles at me,
And my brain short-circuits.
She says hi,
Asks how I am,
My brain is offline.
Comes the automated response.
And she keeps walking.
I kick myself.
I have known her forever!
We are great friends!
But why does fate
Make me love her now?
I want to be close to her heart,
Know her feelings,
Her problems,
Her triumphs,
And her passions.
But how?
Whenever she is near,
I have a three word vocabulary:
The first two
Describe my state of being.
The third complements her jewelry.
I wish there were a fourth word,
To describe what I feel
Every time I see her. 

The End

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