The Dance

The music plays,.
People are dancing to the beat,
I walk through the crowd,
The beat changes,
The music slows down.
I walk faster,
Still searching.
At last,
I see you,
I walk up,
Trying to get the nerve,
I remind myself,
Be cool, confident, and nice.
I tap your shoulder,
"May I have this dance?"
You smile sweetly,
My breath catches in my chest
My heart starts pounding
"Yes" comes your reply
We talk,
Although I admit
It is hard for me to focus
I only want to keep you talking
Talking to me,
Hear your beautiful voice
For a few more seconds.
The music stops,
And reluctantly I pull away,
Loath to leave your company.
You smile again,
And my heart flutters
As I walk away,
I long for the next chance,
To ask your hand in a dance.

The End

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