Why Is This So Hard?

Every time I see you,
Every time you are near,
My stomach turns over.
I want to talk to you,
Complement your hair,
But I hold back.
You’re too good for me.
I want to tell you
How nice your clothes are,
How beautiful your voice is.
But when I walk up,
Your friends all stare,
And all I can do
Is stutter,
And walk away with my head down.
I love your laugh,
Your sense of humor,
But I am too nervous
To make jokes.
I know how kind you are,
How caring and compassionate
You wouldn’t laugh at me,
But that does nothing
To calm my heart.
Our eyes meet,
You smile,
I try to smile back,
But my mouth only twitches.
I start towards you,
But you have already turned,
Talking to your friends.
Why is this so hard?

The End

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