Inside Me

Sadly, nothing about Walruses. This is a collection of nearly all the poems I have ever writen. Please comment and rate, I want to know what you guys think of them. Also, tell me which was your favorite and why. Enjoy!-TT

Who am I?
Who do I want to be?
Deep within myself,
Past my heart, stomach, and liver,
Lays my soul.
Within my soul,
Where shadowy wolves
Chase misty deer,
Where the Black armies
Lay siege to the white castle,
Wherein lies who I am.
The lightning flashes,
The thunder roars,
The Black forces charge.
In a sunny clearing,
Amid the twisted black forest,
A wolf stalks its prey.
The wolf lunges,
A savage snarl on its lips,
The deer flees, toward the battle.
Black arrows pierce white hide,
The deer stumbles.
The wolf howls.
White shafts fly,
Whistling through the air.
The howl is cut short.
The deer runs,
Runs to live another day.
The drawbridge falls,
Shining armor rushes out,
White engulfs Black,
Clears the tangled forest,
The day is won.

And on the corpse
Of each fallen white knight,
There blossoms a single snowdrop.

The End

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