Locket, chain, everything I need.

A million secrets, bursting out of my chest
It flickers, it twirls,
Oh, the beauty of demise

They've tied my hands behind me.
They've left a flame beside me.
Thus, my tongue stays knotted. Happily ever after.

What do you expect from me, my love?
These minutes are decreasing
These footsteps are heavy now.

Not even a moment,
Despair slides past my soul
And the unfortunate nature of myself means I'm cut into slices.

Concerning the way it was, my dear,
The love still passionately rampages

The dress of inception never looked this lovely before

And on a queen,
I'd be hard pressed to find a tune fitting to cut the silence,
And curl these ruffian impositions.

Artisans, to your blindfolds.

Rather then deaf ears,
My prayers fall back on me.
Where am I needed?
I flutter, unheeded, the words desympathising and trivialising me,

But I watch your dreams.
The silent tender touch.

The End

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