Insanity. Throw away the Key.

About the insanity inside my head.

Maybe it's better this way.
They should take me away.

Throw away the key.
And leave me be.

Let me rot in my own insanity.
Leave me scold myself over my fragility.

I'll laugh when there's no one else around.
And for those rare moments there is,
I won't stutter a sound.

I'll replay those memories over,
and over.
Always haunting me forever,
and ever.

It's better this way.
I'll hurt everyone around me if I stay.

Then doctors will tell those left.
"She's dead.
Shot simply in the head.
Her body over the cliff like a bag of lead.
A big smile on her face.
It seemed oddly out of place.
But at least now she's at peace.
Now all that's left is for someone to sign the papers for the deceased ."

The End

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