Insanity Proven Mad & Made LegalMature

The video is better than reading the words in my opinion.

Insanity Proven Mad & Made Legal

They Say Honesty is the best form of poetry, So how's that feeling when your at the edge? knife to your own throat, ready to jump, slit, fade and die


How's the war for your mind going? The fight to remain sane inside a mind fuck of a world brain

Crazy ain't it? The software of a jokers process, Insanity, proven mad, and mad legal by government officials who uphold satanic platforms for reformed Christians, Most who dig fondling The innocence of  our bright children



It's called raw & ruthless, take a lesson & get your own! The world for the taking so I've been told, so you better believe I'm pulling 12 century hash smoking Muslim moves, calling freedom fighters terrorist while the government sponsors acts of terrorism that change the proportions of our legal lawful acts

Contradiction, centuries of it, So what's truly new, Be it new blind eyes And new poets cry, The song she the same On repeat playing the blues That same old crying Tune



So yes, how's your mind upholding? The false fabric of new stories, passing American apples pie smiles as lies in disguise, leaving the nazi ideology growing steady on cruise control

It's the American Dream, The False Hope Ideas, Playing off, "I Have a dream" as if it were a used cars salesman slogan & not a stance for peace, love & harmony with all of humanity

Ya, its The forgotten ways, forefathers turning in their graves

The End

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