Insanity lasts until we know who we are

Insanity lasts

until we know who we are

and then it is all fun,

all pay and play.

Sixty years of days

that sit now in front of me

"I never left the town."

"I never thought about God."

he said with a smirk.

"The cold embrace of Death comes quick without eyes."

Teeth twisted in a wily grin

then some shoves

heated, now forgotten words

one quick throw

and the entire expanse opened

the infinite creations

the pills that dine on our bodies

a sight flown in milliseconds 

and remembered for a life after

a vast, white nothingness

a losing, fleeting dream

Ah, but there never happened to be any hope for the dreamer,

no hope for me

A voice, passing and seemingly gone

yet a voice that lingers in the back of your mind

every single day.

every time you try anything.

Anytime anyone puffs their chest.

When lies run the world

and truth only comes in

short, exuberant gasps

once a lifetime at least

now even opinions are dead

sporatic growth

We die each seven years

as our cells are all new

and we are made of cells

"how do thoughts stay?"

"is this place only and forever today?"

So watch with apathy

as they hide their dark sticks

to snuff and punish

any or every thought our own

"Be Nice."

They say with plasma faces.

as I scream into some oblivion

no use talking to an asbestos wall,

unless you want your lungs filled

It's the world that's wrong

I swear,

but if the majority believes it...

It must be right.

The End

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