To my sanity that was lost so long ago...

Do you see me, do you hear me, see the scratches on my skin? I've lost my ability to love and trust. To my cold heart a silver bullet I shall thrust. For my soul is done with screaming as I may never return again.

For all the battles I have lost, I knew I'd never win. Sad but true, staying away from others is a must. My silence is killer so beware if your existence turns to dust. My eyes are sick of letting out tears that are blackening with sin.

The place of which my heart, like ice, used to lay is now hollow. These emotions drive me crazy like a rabid caged lion. Like blind eyes you'll never hear the voice in the darkness.

I know that I'll never stop feeling this sorrow. I can see my vision becoming hazy. Goodnight love, too bad I'll never know softness.

The End

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