Excited by frosting,

gleeful jigs around a fork, how lovely

is it to live such a candied dream without fear of sugar's

dark reality.

Innocence; A winter's first snow,

                       untarnished by people's prints;

Snowflakes fallen stars, angel tears

a wonderland aglow with white.  

How much longer can we hold on?

Chasing chickens in summer's garden

Counting clouds,

Watching sheep.

How much longer will it last?


Autum is around the bend;

Buses on the corner.

Put away the grill,

                   the sprinkler and

don your backpack, your



Where have you gone? Where has summer



You are them;

walking the streets of New York City.

You great gray beast of the sewers,

You trod on winter's snow with a million feet.


Can you live

breathing air without oxygen?

Your heart beats, but does it feel, does it

                                                            throb, does it



There are gun shots out the window,

Killers on the loose

Nameless faces on the news.

What is there to lose but money when

in this world lives are only

reality TV shows.

How can I stay acourse when

so many have drowned in oil?

When winter's first snow is frozen mudmounds,

crushed by a million feet? 


Where will I run when

there is no place to





To walk the pastures gold with dew,

To see a million miles.

To appreciate a morning, and

hotdogs in December.

To hold a hand, and

relish a smile.




Sustain purity in

infancy of the heart, and

stay strong.




The End

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