Inner Thoughts

How can I love this man so dearly?

After all the pain he’s caused and all the lies he’s told.

Yet, I still can’t imagine hating him or even being mad at him.

I don’t even think he knows…well he probably will now.

Oh well, better then never I guess.

He says he knows me better than I do yet, he will never know…

Better yet understand how much he means to me.

How much I love him.

Even now all I can do is watch him and remember.

Remember every kiss, every touch.

Every time he held me or told me he loved me.

Even though it was all a lie, it felt so real to me.

Maybe that’s what it means to love someone.

To believe every lie.

No, that can’t be right.

To truly love someone is to see all of their flaws and love them just the same.

To shine a light on what is good in them when all they see is the bad….

Then again, I can’t exactly complain about how things ended up.

If I really think about it, I never really thought I deserved him.

That I was good enough.

He’s strong and brave and just so smart.

He’s also sweet and caring and just so…

He deserves to be happy.

He deserves the life he’s always wanted.

The wife. The kids.

If anyone deserves it, it’s him.

The End

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